Sentry Secure Intelligence System (SentrySIS) is a UK based company who have been working with Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP's), shop watch schemes and police constabularies since 2007.


SentrySIS was a technological development based on the successful relationship between SentrySIS and the crime partnership in Leeds called BACIL (Business Against Crime in Leeds).


Today, the software now serves crime partnerships, local businesses and police constabularies across the North of England where over 2000 users access the system to share retail crime information.


SentrySIS is the ‘all in one’ solution for any crime partnership and police constabulary whose main aim is to share information and reduce retail crime in their area.


The SentrySIS software allows all stakeholders within an area to work together and share information about retail crime in a secure, compact cloud based platform. As this technology works in real-time, all users have a direct link between a crime partnership and a police constabulary resulting in effective communication in an instant.


Organisations using SentrySIS can now work in a proactive manner by using the tools in SentrySIS to forward think and stay two steps ahead of known criminals operating in their area.


Using the tools within the software and through effective partnership working means that all users and organisations can now fully contribute to making their towns and cities safer places to live, work and socialise.


The SentrySIS team consists of highly skilled software developers, business professionals and creative IT experts who are all based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All SentrySIS software development and system data is hosted and built within in the UK.

We Offer a Secure and Pro-Active Solution

Sentry Secure Intelligence System (SentrySIS) enables BCRP's to adopt a secure, pro-active, online and fully paperless solution when fighting crime and anti social behaviour within UK cities and towns.