How to Deter a Shoplifter

Shoplifters are opportunists who look for any given chance to commit crime is local retail stores. The below infographic highlights some useful tips and how a retail store can deter a shoplifter from carrying out crime in their store.

How to Make the Most of your CCTV

If used correctly, CCTV surveillance can help prevent crime by detering offenders. If any crimes do take place, CCTV can detect this providing your business with evidence, security and safety. The infographic below describes some of the ways you can optimise your CCTV.

Protecting your Retail Business

Shoplifting is on the increase in many UK towns and cities. Businesses and retail outlets can help reduce these ever increasing figures by protecting their stores from opportunitist shoplifters. This inforgraphic, give some good pointers on how to protect your retail outlet from shoplifting offences.

What is a BCRP?

A business crime reduction partnership (BCRP) is a group of businessess or other stakeholders who work together to help redue crime and anti-social behaviour within an area. In the UK crime partnerships range from small shop watch schemes through to self funded larger organsationas. The below infographic helps to explain what they are and what they do.