SentrySIS has teamed up with the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP) by providing the organisation with a new cloud software solution called NABCP Connect.


The new platform is underpinned by the already successful and widely used SentrySIS software. The technology now gives the NABCP the ability to securely share country-wide crime data with its members, local government, the police and other major stakeholders they work with.



Executive Board Member of the NABCP, David Wilson commented and said “We are delighted to be working with SentrySIS.  Retailers supporting their local Business Crime Partnership and Business Improvement Districts across the whole of the UK will receive timely, accurate information to reduce crime in their premises through the SentrySIS secure database at no additional cost. NABCP CONNECT Powered by SentrySIS supports 115 Partnerships and reaches out to over 20,000 retailers.”


The NABCP, who already deliver the number one industry recognised crime partnership accreditation, can now add ‘secure crime data sharing’ to its current offering which include; up to date resources on legislation, best practice advice for running crime partnerships and essential legal documentation templates. 

Commenting on the new platform, Chris Nriapia from SentrySIS said “We first proposed a data sharing solution to the NABCP back in January 2020 where we felt the synergies between both organisations were an ideal fit. We both work within the same business sector and complement each other’s services very well. More importantly we share each other’s business values and purpose which was a deciding factor for us to work collaboratively.”


The NABCP Connect platform is hosted within a UK-based, PASF (Police Assured Secure Facilities) data centre meaning that the solution meets the requirements outlined by the UK Home Office’s National Policing Information Risk Management Team’s (NPIRMT) data risk management policy.


Nriapia continued and said “The new NABCP Connect platform meets both the immediate and future needs of the NABCP. It supports the NABCP’s crime data dissemination strategy with all its stakeholders, as it truly connects their network together in a secure eco-system for the sharing of sensitive crime data.”


The NABCP Connect platform is accessed via a secure web portal on any internet enabled web browser or via a dedicated mobile app on Apple and Android devices.



Both organisations have already started planning additional ways the partnership can be further developed to offer even greater value to the NABCP membership proposition. These include further software development to the NABCP Connect platform, working closer with central government and supporting local policing initiatives across a variety of crime prevention measures.


For more information on the new NABCP Connect platform or to become a member and have your crime partnership accredited by the NABCP, please visit the NABCP here.