The UK’s premier crime management and efficiency saving platform, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal to its corporate vision.


The Yorkshire based software provider unveiled a new logo, new brand identity and new value proposition as part of the rebranding initiative.



At the heart of the new rebrand is a refocus of the company’s value proposition and a refresh to the company logo and brand assets.


Over the past 12 months, SentrySIS has cemented its status as the new market leader for business crime reduction partnerships, national retailers and police constabularies through a series of new acquisitions and strategic partnerships.


The company’s growth reflects the increasing recognition received from target stakeholders and industry bodies who have recently agreed the foundations of much deeper and longer-lasting relationships.


The new brand identity has been fully modernised through the use of a new colour palette, updated typeface, brand asset patterns and a bold icon to reflect the company’s revised vision and prominent position within the industry.



The new logo itself subtly captures the notion of ‘strength and security’ but presented in an approachable and honest way.


Commenting on the new rebrand, SentrySIS Director and Co-Founder Chris Nriapia said “COVID-19 really made us rethink what we do. What kind of relationship do we want with our customers and end users of our platform?. What is our platform’s real purpose?. What are we setting out to achieve?, What problems are we here to solve? These are all big questions that we needed to ask ourselves, both as a platform and as a company. Encompassing these answers into a new value proposition of ‘Connecting People, Reducing Crime, Saving Lives’ really seemed to sum up these points, which the team and I are really proud of.”


The new brand identity was developed by Leeds based, Airborne Studio who are a team of creatives with over 15 years of experience in rebranding tech and innovative start-up companies in both the UK and the US.

Creative Director at Airborne Studio, Luke Kelly commented and said "We jumped at the opportunity to help SentrySIS transform their brand identity. They're just the kind of business we love to partner with; ambitious, innovative, aiming to make a positive difference to the world. They already had something unique – software transforming policing and crime reporting. But they weren't telling their story in a way that fully communicated the power of what they've built. We worked closely with them to strip back to the fundamentals of who they are. From that base we were able to build out a clear strategy for the brand and a revitalised identity system. We're really proud of the outcome and look forward to helping SentrySIS nurture the brand through this next exciting phase of growth." 


The launch of the rebrand marks the start of a series of additional sub-product brands and new software developments that form the wider SentrySIS suite of cloud applications. These advances will include revised marcomms collateral and a much improved user experience across all the SentrySIS software solutions.



Managing Director and SentrySIS Co-Founder, Lee Fella commented and said “This is a really exciting time for SentrySIS and our customers as the launch of our new rebrand is in line with a series of new software products and system updates we have planned. The new additions will be implemented across both our web portal and mobile app offerings so that all users will receive significant benefits to assist them with their crime reduction management needs.”


The tech provider serves business crime reduction partnerships, national retailers and police constabularies to help them be more efficient when managing and dealing with crime.


Organisations seeking further information on the SentrySIS platform and how it can transform the way they deal with crime, please visit