Police forces from across the United Kingdom can now access a range of software applications from police supplier SentrySIS, quickly, easily and compliantly via the Police ICT Company’s commercial brand, proKura. SentrySIS software is now available via the Company’s collaborative arrangement with Fortrus. The arrangement with Fortrus provides UK policing with rapid and compliant access to a strategically selected ICT supplier base and their technology solutions.


The SentrySIS software allows police officers to conduct essential policing tasks without the need to meet victims, witnesses or other suppliers of physical evidence in person. The technology therefore permits the police and the public to fully adhere to the UK Government’s current COVID-19 guidance on social distancing measures.



Ian Bell, Police ICT Company CEO, said: “The arrangement with Fortrus means that policing can procure digital transformation and managed services technology, without the need for extended and costly procurement exercises. We are very pleased to be able to list SentrySIS.”


Transformation specialist Fortrus are working with the Police ICT Company to administrate the route to market.


UK policing can gain access to the wide range of police efficiency saving platforms provided and managed by SentrySIS under a SaaS (Software as a Service) based model. The software can be tested, trialled and deployed with ease to meet the ever changing needs of law enforcement of today.



Chris Nriapia, Marketing Director at SentrySIS said “Our new relationship with the Police ICT Company and Fortrus is an ideal way for the commercial technology sector to work more closely with UK police forces as there are some tangible benefits UK based companies have to offer. We’re very excited to see what the new framework brings and to be in a position to assist other police forces in their digital transformation journeys.”


Commenting specifically on the COVID-19 situation, Nriapia continued and said “Especially in the current COVID-19 climate, our solution has proved that social distancing rules can still be followed. The applications within the SentrySIS platform mean officers don’t need to be in the same physical location as a witness or victim to conduct an MG11 statement, request access to personal records or attend a local authority premises to collect a disk containing CCTV evidence.”



SentrySIS has been working with Durham Police since 2017 by providing the force with a wide range of digital cloud-based technologies, packaged as the SentrySIS Police Efficiency Saving software.


SentrySIS Strategic Lead at Durham Police, Detective Superintendent Kevin Weir commented on the solution and said “The entire SentrySIS platform has resulted in some significant efficiency and cost savings for Durham Police. During the period of November 2017 to June 2020, the software produced efficiency savings of over £550,000 across fuel consumption; mileage and officer travel time and interview time with witnesses and victims of crime. The platform has also calculated our carbon footprint saving, which supports the force’s wider greener ambitions.”


Weir summarised and said “As a force, we have taken the view that this technology not only offers additional support mechanisms to our officers whilst carrying out their day to day duties but allows the public to interact with the police in a much more modern and efficient way.”



In a time when police demand is on the increase and central budgets are already stretched over frontline services, there is an immediate need for UK policing to embrace new technologies and  adapt the way they operate. Solutions such as SentrySIS could be the answer to these concerns.


SentrySIS Managing Director Lee Fella commented on efficiency savings and said “Police efficiency is the DNA of everything that we do at SentrySIS. Using the savings ratio that we see from Durham Police, we have projected on a like for like basis that if our solution had been adopted by all the other UK forces during the same period, efficiency savings would be in excess of £50M across the country. At a time when potential crime rates may start to rise during the economic downturn, forces who can make efficiency savings now will be better prepared to re-deploy their resources elsewhere like front-line policing.”


The SentrySIS Police Efficiency Saving Software is a suite of cloud-based applications that make daily policing tasks much easier to complete. The current range of police specific tools are available through the Police ICT/ Fortrus agreement and include the following applications:


• The SentrySIS Remote Telephone Statement Software: Conduct MG11 statements over the telephone.

• The SentrySIS Media Provider Software: Receive large CCTV files from local city, town and borough councils.

• The Public Access Request Forms: Receive written consent from the public to access their personal records for investigations.

• Online Crime Reporting for businesses: Receive completed MG11s & in-store CCTV from national retailers for investigation.

Members of the policing and law enforcement community can find out more about the software provided by visiting the Police ICT Knowledge Hub and asking to join the ‘proKura’ group. Here they can find out more about the SentrySIS provision and how to access the solutions.

Alternatively, interested police personnel can contact proKura@ict.police.uk to discuss this opportunity or visit sentrysis.com for more information on the variety of applications.


Notes to Editors

• proKura is a Police ICT Company brand. Fortrus Limited is a Police ICT Company collaboration partner.

• The Police ICT Company is a company limited by guarantee, owned and funded by policing.

• The Police ICT Company has been working for UK policing since July 2015.

• The Police ICT Company helps policing and law enforcement organisations across the UK select, scale and deploy technology, so they can deliver the most efficient and effective service to the public.

• SentrySIS is a UK based software provider of police efficiency and crime management software.

• Durham Police has been rated outstanding for fourth year in a row by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services.

• Durham Police cost and efficiency savings can be found in “Technology as a Policing Enabler—Utilizing SentrySIS to Improve Police Efficiency and Effectiveness"