SentrySIS for Police Constabularies

A cloud based suite of police efficiency savings software tools that helps save time when investigating crime.

Police Constabularies can now use SentrySIS to receive criminal incidents being reported by local businesses. Any business can submit details of criminal incidents and intelligence directly to their participating police constabulary for investigation, analysis and monitoring.


These incident submissions include official witness statements (MG11’s) that the SentrySIS system automatically creates. In addition to this, information on ‘subjects of interest’ associated with the crime, CCTV video footage and any still images along with other documenting evidence details are also submitted.


This process saves the police time, resources and money by eliminating the need to physically go out to the crime scene and collect exhibits and conduct the completion of an MG11. The SentrySIS system does this process automatically within minutes and upload the details to a secure police portal.


As budgets are being cut across the country, police constabularies require BCRPs and other region wide partners to help them continue providing a high level of public service 24 hours a day. SentrySIS and its suite of tools help bridge the gap between a BCRP and the police. It does this by significantly reducing police time and provides them with intelligence and criminal information directly from the BCRP and its members. The police can benefit from the following features:

Secure Police Retrieval Portal (SPRP)

Local officers and PCSOs can access submitted incidents from members of a BCRP and other businesses within the secure police retrieval portal built into SentrySIS. They can retrieve, download and manage submitted incident data to assist with investigating the crime.


The secure portal can be accessed on any internet enabled devices whether that be a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with no need for extra software. Once a user submits an incident through SentrySIS, they have the option to automatically create an official MG11 witness statement and collate a digital evidence pack. This includes all the incident information required for the police to conduct further investigation to help solve the crime. 


The digital evidence pack is securely transmitted directly into the police internal network or accessed on the move via the secure cloud-based police portal.

Saves Police Time, Resource and Money

Allowing a local police constabulary to use the Secure Police Retrieval Portal to access submitted MG11 statements and digital evidence packs, offers a wide range of benefits for the police. The submitted digital evidence pack is transmitted securely so the retrieving police force can use the content with confidence that it hasn’t been amended or changed in anyway.


Furthermore, the files can be exported into multiple file formats required by the police and clearly labelled in ‘exhibit’ format for simple referencing. This means police time isn’t wasted by going to visit the scene of a crime (member store location) to conduct a witness statement and gather digital evidence such as CCTV. All this data is transmitted securely within minutes, by the witness through the SentrySIS platform.


This enables the police to now spend more time on investigating the crime rather than administrative paperwork. The SentrySIS system completes this process for them within minutes.

24h access to SentrySIS cloud platform
Accessible on all internet-enabled devices
View submitted incidents, including: Details
View submitted incidents, including: CCTV Footage
View submitted incidents, including: Images
View submitted incidents, including: Subjects of Interest
View submitted incidents, including: Vehicles of Interest
View submitted incidents, including: Goods Involved
View submitted incidents, including: Witness Details
Search incidents by: Date Range
Search incidents by: URN (Incident ID)
Search incidents by: Crime Type
Search incidents by: Crime Status
Complete Witness Care form
Retrieve Digital Evidence Pack, including: MG11 Form (.pdf)
Retrieve Digital Evidence Pack, including: Business Impact Statement (.pdf)
Retrieve Digital Evidence Pack, including: Witness Care Form (.pdf)
Retrieve Digital Evidence Pack, including: Submitted CCTV Footage
Retrieve Digital Evidence Pack, including: Submitted Images
View notifications from neighbouring BCRPs / Crime Partnerships
View SentrySIS database of profiles
Search profiles by: Name
Search profiles by: Gender
Facial recognition search (released 2017)
Search crime map by: Date
Search crime map by: Crime Type
Create police constabulary user accounts

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